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Static Billboards

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Digital Billboards

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Of-A-Kind Full Motion Digital

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Static Billboards

Bulletins are Out-of-Home assets that promote business products and/or services utilizing the same copy for an extended period of time. These assets are located primarily on major roads, interstates and highways offering the highest level of consumer exposure.  Bulletins are commonly used to target a specific area or used as a directional. The sky’s the limit with possibilities for embellishments & extensions so you can make the most out of your advertising space.

Digital Billboards

Digital assets display images that are uploaded from the internet and rotate every 6 seconds. They are primarily used for advertising as well as public service purposes.  Our digital displays are strategically placed along high traffic areas to increase maximum dwell time & engagement. Remember, the more locations you choose to display your message, the greater your reach.

Full Motion Digital

This one-of-a-kind digital display runs 18 hours a day and each exposure appears for 15 seconds. Target over 14 million consumers at South Carolina’s most visited destination in the entire Myrtle Beach area, Broadway at the Beach. This entertainment complex includes over 160 attractions & restaurants with our full motion curve right in the middle of all the action. 

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