Effective Design

Rules Exist for a Reason.

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Seven Words or Less

Make an impression and make it count. Watch the video and follow along as we cover the principles of effective asset design.

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8 tips to help you create effective asset artwork.

Simple Communication

Industry rule of thumb is 7 words or less. Our rule is the less words the better! 

You only have 5-7 seconds for your audience to capture your message, so the less clutter the better.


Photos should be clear and large with only a few elements or people in them. Busy photos create clutter and cause distraction from the main message. The same with words; less is more when it comes to images.

Color and Contrast

Contrast is what makes your message pop out. The more contrast in your design, the easier the message will be digested. 

Digital displays work off of RGB so be careful of jarring colors that can cause visual vibration (Example: Red on Green).

Printed bulletins use CMYK. Colors close in tint/value can be hard to read (Example: Red on Black).

Points of Contact/Call to Action

One point of contact is perfect in today’s age of the Google search bar. Points of contact can now be as simple as your logo. 

Phone numbers are long and hard to write down or remember for viewers as they drive. If the name of your business is the same as your website, it’s repetitive to have both.

Branding and Message

Recognition is key when it comes to Out-of-Home displays. Be consistent with your brand colors, make logos large, and have a clear call to action.

Effective Layout

Display location will effect the design. Is it far off the road on a high speed highway? Is it close to the ground in a low speed zone? 

Thinking about the size of your creative elements along with the asset location will help you determine if your elements should be as big as they can be or if smaller type will be effective.

Unity with Other Media

Consistency between your Out-of-Home campaigns and your other media outlets is important for your audience to recognize your brand.

Pique Interest and Engage

Out-of-Home advertising are most effective when they generate buzz, pique interest and make your audience want to find out or learn more. Engage your audience with funny copy lines, bold imagery, and cut outs or extensions for bulletin sites.

Let's Get Specific.